Aging Well: The Importance of Oral Health

The latest study conducted by Agirc-Arrco Aging-Arrco prevention centers, in partnership with CNAV, reveals an already weakened oral health among some seniors and measures the impact of oral health behaviors on aging well. Here are the highlights.

A previous study published in 2014 by Agirc-Arrco had already drawn up a severe observation on the oral health status of residents in retirement homes (EHPAD).

In spring 2019, five years later, a new study, this time with a population over 50 years old living at home, beneficiary of prevention centers Agirc-Arrco, confirms the lack of attention for oral care, yet closely linked to “aging well”.

When we think about oral health, we immediately think of children … But, it’s not because we’re getting older that we have to put our teeth aside, quite the opposite! With age you have to be careful and take care of your teeth, your gums and more generally your mouth.

The levers of good aging lie partly in the social bond and the psychological state.

Both are directly preserved or affected by the oral state, influencing speech, expression, seduction, and also self-confidence “says Anne Saint-Laurent director of action social Agirc-Arrco.

The health of teeth and gums is much more valuable than we think and the consequences of poor oral hygiene are not limited to our mouth …

Indeed, they can cause or rather promote the development of chronic diseases and multiply cardiovascular risks.

For example, it should be known that periodontal diseases can cause heart risks and complications in diabetes.

It is estimated that 83.5% of 65-74 year olds in the world are affected by these gum pathologies! It is understandable therefore the importance for seniors to pay attention to these diseases of the mouth.

In the course of 2017, nearly 20,000 beneficiaries of a prevention assessment in Agirc-Arrco’s well-aging prevention centers reported on their oral health.

To do this, they completed a questionnaire on the assessment of their quality of life associated with oral health, their care behaviors (brushing teeth, frequency of follow-up by a dental surgeon …), as well as their psychological state.

Moreover, this study was based on data from the oral clinical assessment of nearly 5,000 people, received in the balance sheet by the center’s doctors, between September and December 2017 and listing the number of missing and non-replaced teeth, presence of tartar, dental plaque, caries, dental mobility, and calculating the masticatory coefficient.

The average age of study participants is 70 years old.

Almost all (94%) are retired and without much surprise, more than half (58%) are women.

Although this population is 85% healthy, non-protective oral health behaviors have been observed.

According to this study, the recommendations of the High Authority for Health (HAS) and the French Union for Oral Health are not applied by a large number of people: almost 40% of those surveyed do not consult a dentist every years and almost a third do not brush their teeth at least twice a day.

This being the case, these data are comparable to those of the 2014 Health Barometer for the global population.

Moreover, there is a link between a low masticatory coefficient, due to the absence of uncompensated teeth, and the increased body mass index (BMI), suggesting the elimination of healthy foods (fruits and vegetables, meat ) requiring proper chewing.

Oral health behaviors vary by age, sex and gender.

Thus, tooth brushing, in particular twice daily, would be more common in women (79% vs. 60% for men), whose health behaviors are known to be generally more prevention-oriented than those of men.

They are also more numerous to consult.

Behaviors are also largely influenced by psychological state and lifestyle habits, thus providing a lever accessible to all through information aimed at behavioral change and taking into account psycho-social factors, as practiced by children. prevention centers Agirc-Arrco Aging.

The impact of oral health on the quality of life

pain can lead to exclusion of certain foods or loss of pleasure. More than a quarter (28%) of respondents reported poor oral status, impacting their quality of life and requiring care.

The results of this study have encouraged professionals to seize the subject and include it in their support system.

Of course, the dental professional can offer old patients several types of treatments to replace your missing teeth, from the crown to the installation of implants or a bridge.

The crown is ideal for a broken tooth or seriously affected by decay. Resembling a small hat, it covers the damaged tooth, so as to strengthen and improve aesthetics.

As for the implant, it consists of two distinct parts: the screw and the artificial tooth. Naturally-appearing, the implant offers the same feeling at the functional level.

As for the bridge, it is made to measure and can replace one or more teeth.

Your teeth will smile gratefully with new dental implants

Teeth new and smiling

Science advances on huge steps today; this is actually one great thing happening to the field of dentistry. Dental care is now making people feel a lot more confident with them when they can fix the things they do not like about them. Tooth Implants is something of extreme care, they can actually make a huge difference in a person’s attitude towards others. That is why tooth implants are now the tip of the arrow for science and technology.

Among all the inconvenient you may have with your teeth, the problems concerning the uncomfortable situations that unreliable dental prosthesis can cause are the worst. Teeth technology and dental care are areas that have been widely studied by science. It can actually make people feel bad when in the situation of having problems with their teeth in front of others.

What the smiling to others may bring you

Any person would totally agree that they would feel down with the idea alone of having problems with their teeth in front of others, and if you think about it, there is no reason for so with the advances of technology there are today.

It has happened that some people have that sad panorama of not trusting in your teeth anymore, but that can be all different if we see the advances that technology has done for dentistry and the very new technologies that take place in the world of our teeth now.

Medicine in general, as well as dentistry, has changed a lot in recent years. It actually has become very close to patients, making them feel a lot more comfortable in a place that was difficult to be before, and this is because the new discoveries and advances in technology.

That advances in technology in dentistry

Patients could easily tell how pleased they feel now with all of these advances. It is evident from what it can do that technology is constantly improving for better care. Specialists in dental implants in Sacramento are using technologies that can make your teeth solid and reliable.

In dentistry these days, professionals use the latest technology options to provide efficient, effective care for patients, from cavities to reconstructive surgery and implants.

Technology ever present in dentistry has advanced a lot, it now helps improve the level of dental care available for everyone. Among the many options worldwide, dentists and scientists in the USA are making great progress in this area. For example, improved imagery can identify dental issues quicker so that treatments can be performed better and even before they become larger problems.

You can relax your smile now

Nowadays this experience can be a lot different and better for patients, this all results in shortening the time needed for care and reducing the discomfort that patients have with all the dental procedures. Anything you are trying to your teeth, either it is for health reasons or because there is something you would like to make better looking, the solution is right at hand.

Maybe in earlier days even visiting the dentist would have represented such a difficult moment. The dentist office does not need to be a pain anymore, and it is so because of the great professionals who are working just on that.

Think of the smile you can actually get

As you leave a dentist office now, you feel renewed and painless because of the very efficient and painless new procedures there are for people to offer. Anything needed, from simple x-rays to cone-beam computerized tomography systems, there is relevant advance and important influence in patients with everything that has changed in dentistry.

It could be either on mere looks, on heath, or simple for fixing something you did not like before, dentistry is now facing a new whole world of comfort for patients never seen before.  This is great technology in favor of good health.

For those who saw the visit at the dentist such a big problem it is now very different. It is a totally different experience, less stressful for patients and even with a very happy outcome. These great advances can also be utilized for other dental issues as well, hence giving a high-level three-dimensional view of problems to doctors.

No wonder more and more people are attempting for completely new smiles, the technological advances make us all trust that there is a great way out from our tooth problems.

Dentistry consulting offices have changed for better and now they do not reflect sadness or drama, if anything, it means smiling broadly and getting that beautiful part of you shine trustfully.


Get the best smile with the best dental implants

Be confident on your smile

Dental care has changed a lot in recent years. It actually has become very close to patients, making them feel a lot more comfortable in a place that was difficult to be before, and this is because the new discoveries and advances in technology,.

Some people has had many problems with their teeth, and this is the reason why they do not want to smile anymore, they have lost confidence on their teeth, and need it back, and this is exactly what the dentists can offer to their patients today.

The days of problems concerning the uncomfortable situations from unreliable dental prosthesis can cause to people are over. One person may feel down merely with the idea of having problems with their teeth in front of others, and it could happen if you do not trust in your teeth, but now, with new technologies that is part of the past.

Get the best service for your teeth ever!

If it is about dental implants, dentist of today have come up with revolutionary tooth replacements for people to have confident smiles again.

Procedures and surgeries that are under total control of the pain level as well in the recovery term are available for everyone. it is now very normal to enter on the dentist office and come out with a beautiful smile in matter of seconds.

A great example of this is what doctors in the USA are doing. Professionals in dental implants in Sacramento can offer a great level of professionalism and technology to patients looking for a new mile.

What the dentist can offer nowadays

Having technological advances showing up everywhere, we can all trust that there is a great way out from our tooth problems. Tools and options for painless injections, and even the chance to ensure patients they will get the best care available in dentist fields is now completely normal.

For those who saw the visit at the dentist such a big problem it is now very different. It is a totally different experience, less stressful for patients and even with a very happy outcome.

Do you want to be more successful? Write better. Here we tell you how

If you are trying to decide between several candidates to fill a vacancy, hire the one who writes the best. Your writing skills will give you results because a good writer is much more than just ideas written clearly.

Good writing is a sign of clear thinking. Great writers know how to communicate.

They make things easy to understand. They can put themselves in each other’s shoes. They know what they should omit. And those are qualities that you want in a candidate.

Writing is returning strongly to our society … Writing is the current currency for good ideas. And more specifically, it means that you need to take your professional destiny in your hands and put those hands on your keyboard. Write weekly updates detailing your progress, your goals and areas for improvement.

When you have ideas, write them and edit them, and then send them to your boss or the person who can put them into action, or at least value your effort and your initiative. If you identify a problem, write it down with a tangible solution and send it. And if you’re in a work environment where mail is not the norm, write everything on a piece of paper and put it on the right desk.

Documenting everything and making sure it is in the right hands will help and protect you in many more ways than you imagine. Some more tactical tips: Correct your writing, read it two or three times but not only to detect spelling or grammar errors, but to detect unclear thoughts or ideas.

Do not write in long paragraphs that have endless sentences. If you are writing an email, include a short and informative subject. Make your writing stand out. The last thing anyone wants is to read something boring, regardless of what it is. When you write an update, formulate it as a narrative, that is, have a beginning, a node and a conclusion.

And understand that your updates are part of a narrative that extends over months and even years. You and your co-workers are characters within that narrative and what happens in the office is the plot of the story. If you need or want something, say it clearly.

Our writing, like our voices, requires a certain tone to establish our intentions.

Security is key when asking for something, but the doubt is also admissible if you are requesting advice. But above all, simply write. And write well. You will be surprised how far it takes you.

Camp connections: loving places for troubled teens

Find a way…

No everyone has the same approach to problems in life. Though it seems like a very difficult moment, in cases of despair some families find themselves unable to stablish helpful conversations with a family member, at times their sons or daughters.

Healthy attempts to talk about their concerns only lead them into moments of blame through words or silence. In many cases, there are families going through a moment of reconnection that is priceless, what a great thing is has turned out to be a very significant tool to improve their relationship, “walking” in the wilderness happens to be actually that.

Reconnect again, do it open sky!

Mother Nature would teach and discover one another’s burdens, with this being a vital movement with a child who is making at-risk choices. If we get to our roots, in the Native American tradition, life is a “walking”, they say. Here is important teaching from our ancestors on what we could do on facing problems.

Connecting to what is important as well as having the most appropriate way to do it is vital to solve issues that may be affecting our lives. Professionals in the area of human behavior and thinking have seen mother nature as a great link to ourselves and hence to solve our problems. A camp, perhaps, get to be a good problems solving step.

See through that troubled teenager

What a great way for teens to have the support of troubled teen programs to have a reconnection with their inner world and the one around them than doing it on outdoor behavioral healthcare programs.

The wilderness gives its “young walkers” the opportunity to be in an environment free from clutter and distraction, and then, their lives have a time to create their own responsibility structures and start developing new and better choices-

Surrogate pregnancy or rent belly: Is It really worth trying?

The use of rent bellies as a reproductive method increases worries linked to the ethnicity of the method but also what exactly it is.

Don’t you worry: we’ll break it all down.

It is undisputable that the technique of helped reproduction of substitute pregnancy, very known as a belly rent service, is used by many couples and single parents throughout around the planet.

But it presents a mass of uncertainties that we do not at all times find resolutions and to which we will try give solution throughout this article.

What is it about this method?

This type of reproductive method is based on the voluntary cession, on the part of a woman, the carrier, of her pregnant capacity to carry out the pregnancy of the son of a couple or lone man.

Generally, couples that are potentially interested in carrying out this process are people who have exhausted all the medicinal avenues for the accomplishment of a pregnancy and have given negative results, either due to health or fertility problems, unable to attain the desired pregnancy.

It can also happen that homosexual pairs of single men and men who want to be parents opt to this technique of assisted reproduction.

The kinds of surrogacy.

To be capable of carrying out a kind of surrogacy, the participation of three aspects are required: a sperm donor, an egg donor and a surrogate mother.

Dependent on the hereditary relationship of the pregnant mother and baby, the specialists distinguish two types of surrogate motherhood:

1) Traditional or partial surrogacy: it consists of the gestational mother providing her egg but the sperm comes from the father requesting subrogation or from a donor.

2) Gestational or full surrogate motherhood: the pregnant woman provides the gestational capacity of her uterus but has no genetic linkage with the fetus since the gametes come from other people than herself.

There are also two different classifications based on the motivation of the woman who will complete the pregnancy:

1) Altruistic subrogation: without economic motivation but that must include compensation based on medical expenses derived from pregnancy and others.

2) Commercial subrogation: in this case there is an economic base that motivates its execution.

The difference between both is marked by the economic compensation that the mother carrier will receive.

Long story short…

A surrogate mother is a woman who receives, through a contract, to convert her pregnancy with the aim of giving birth to a child that will be raised up by a couple or single person as their own child.

You can contact them through surrogate agencies

These are the 4 things you must do to be successful in 2019

New Year New Life.

Although this popular phrase is not completely true, what is true is that the end of the year invites us to reflect on what worked and what did not, so that we can set goals so that the next one will be better.

So if you still do not establish your goals for 2019, we share 4 that should be in your mind and that, if fulfilled, will make you a better entrepreneur and person:

1. Grow your business

If you have already dared to take the first step (start your business), the next step is to do everything possible to grow it.

While this does not depend completely on the entrepreneur because there are internal and external factors that influence, a good part of the success of a company is in the one who directs it.

2. Find good collaborators

A successful entrepreneur knows that the key to their success lies in human capital, and that they must be surrounded by talented people who can contribute something different and valuable to their company.

If you still do not integrate employees or partners to your team, probably in 2019 you will have to do it.

3. Innovate in one or several areas of the business

Innovation is fundamental for any organization. Review your processes, products or services and identify the main areas of improvement and make it your goal to find innovative solutions for them. It is the only way to stay relevant in the market.

4. Take care of your health

If your company is new, it is more likely that during 2018 you have neglected your health a lot. You sleep little, you eat badly and you do not exercise.

For the next year try to improve your eating and sleeping habits, as well as exercise and practice meditation every day.

Keep in mind that your health influences your performance and that, in the long run, neglecting it can cause physical and mental damage.


The reasons in favor and against surrogacy practice.

The “surrogate pregnancy” is prohibited in Spain.

There are many voices in favor to surrogate pregnancy and many others that do not accept it. These are your arguments:

In favor:

David González, president of the Association of Parents for Surrogate Pregnancy, explains that it is an assisted reproduction technique that has been developed in several countries for more than 30 years, without this having generated a specific problem.

Ensure that couples who want to have children, and for multiple reasons can’t do it on their own, have biological children.

“Just as we donate organs, and even ova are donated, which nowadays seems absolutely normal, another person can be helped to give birth to their child, with whom the pregnant woman does not have any genetic link.”

Remember, it happens with artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization. This technique is being recognized in more and more countries.

You can look for more information about and go through the possible surrogate mothers that are able to gestate your baby at surrogacy agencies california.


No matter their composition or a single person, or the number whatsoever, they hire a woman to manage a baby for nine months.

That is, an embryo from an egg fertilized by a sperm whose origins can be diverse is implanted and survived.

Along the way, several embryos often die until they survive.

Ensures that in the case of a mixed couple, the simplest thing is that the ovum was of the woman and the sperm of the male.

There are many reasons why some people may decide to become parents through this procedure: because they have difficulties getting pregnant, because the woman does not feel like spending nine months pregnant with the reasons that are, because they are homosexual couples, etc.

Given this situation, there are many arguments for which people are against surrogacy:

  • The woman’s body becomes an object.
  • The desire to be parents is commercialized.
  • In a contractual case and with a child with problems, the woman who offers the uterus could be forced to give up her child. As if being a mother was a banal matter.
  • The right of the pregnant mother not to suffer the psychological consequences of a possible abortion cannot be guaranteed.
  • Body problems in the mother after nine months of gestation and having to get rid of the child.
  • The child becomes, thus, an object because it is commodified with it, it has a price.