Best Natural Toners For Oily Skin You Didn’t Know About

Having a toner in your beauty care is very important. With a toner, your skin will have a healthy glow without the need of making you look like the oil on your face would be enough to fry food.

Since my face is mostly oily, it’s always been difficult to find a toner that’s just right for my skin type. Also, the fact that I had sensitive skin has made my options very limited. I’ve recently decided to try natural toners and they are absolutely amazing!


Aloe Vera

The best natural toner is Aloe Vera. Not only is it a great toner but overall it’s an amazing product. It’s a perfect moisturizer and it’s great for any sunburn. I’ve been using Aloe Vera since a year ago and every time I see either the plant or the product I try to buy as many as I can to always have them fully stocked!


 Lemon Juice, Peppermint tea and Hazel

“Take 1 tbsp. lemon juice, a peppermint tea bag, 2 tbsps. hazel and boiling water. First dip the tea bag in boiling water for a few minutes. Then remove the tea bag and add lemon juice and hazel to the boiling water solution. Mix well and allow it to cool down. Now using a cotton pad, you can wipe this solution on the face and neck”. (Source:

The first time I tried this remedy out I was very impressed at the results. It left my skin a beautiful glow and it felt incredibly soft afterwards.


Tomato Juice and Honey

Mixing equal parts of organic honey and a fresh tomato I the best toner you can use to reduce the oil on your skin. This toner will also brighten up your complexion. By applying this mixture on your skin and leaving it for just 15 minutes is more than enough.


Rose Water

Rose water can do wonders to the skin when used on a regular basis. It’s a great toner for those with stubborn oily skin.


Peach and Olive Oil/Almond Oil

For this mixture all you’ll need to do is take two peaches and remove the peels. Next you’ll need to mash for a few seconds and then mix it with olive oil or almond oil, whichever you prefer. Now add one spoon of cream and mix well. Apply this mixture on the face, keep on for a few minutes and wash off with lukewarm water.


Ice Cold Water

One of the simplest toners to use is ice cold water or ice cubes. You can wipe the ice cubes or ice cold water on the face after cleansing. It is a great natural face toner for your skin. this is also a great way to minimize large pores!

The Most Delicious Campfire Foods You Should Try

No matter how far from civilization you may be you can still enjoy an awesome meal, especially with a campfire. Campfire food is so amazing and there are so many easy and simple recipes that require little to no effort to prepare! It’s super easy, cheap and fun to do! Let’s start, shall we?


Taco in a Bag

I’ve seen the taco in a bag almost everywhere and I always wanted to try it but I was never really in the mood of making it. It was on a recent camping trip that I thought would be a good idea to make it especially because it was super simple and we were all too hungry to prepare anything that took too long to make. Using a Doritos bag and putting inside all the ingredients was enough for all of us to enjoy our amazing meals and our tummies were happy too!


Grilled Veggie

For those who want to eat something a bit more healthy, this option is perfect for you. Eating grilled veggies is my go-to whenever I want to eat something delicious yet healthy. If you have kids then this is also a great way for them to still eat their veggies even when they aren’t at home. The taste is so amazing that they will love it too!


Fire Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Another healthy yet delicious option. You can top this bad boy with cinnamon or sugar to give it an extra kick.


S’Mores Dip

“Instead of making one S’more at a time, make a whole pan full of S’more dip”. (Source:

This idea is perfect and everyone and enjoy it. It’s also super simple and quick to do. This dip can never miss whenever I’m in a camping trip.


Egg and Sausage Boats

Something that everyone can enjoy even the little ones. This campfire food was taught to me by none-other than my mother. She would love camping and she would always prepare some whenever we would get hungry during the camping trip. Each bite that I took from the egg and sausage boats kept getting better and better, by the time I knew, I ate nearly 4.


Campfire Chili Cheese Fries

I’m addicted to fries so obviously this dish would appear on this list. And the best part is that even when you are far away from home, you can still indulge yourself in these bad boys.

How to Effortlessly Take Care of your Platinum Hair

Changing your hair color to a platinum blonde is simply the most amazing thing anyone could have thought of. Platinum blonde looks incredibly gorgeous on anyone regardless of how long or how short your hair is. However, those who decide to go platinum blonde aren’t aware of the fact that they must give special care to their new look. Don’t worry, the special care I’m talking about isn’t something tedious or annoying. It’s actually something incredibly simple and easy.


Prep First

Prepping your hair before going platinum is crucial. There are a few things you should and shouldn’t do before dying your hair blonde, for example: not dying your hair at all 6 months before going platinum blonde, it’s highly recommended to get a deep-conditioning treatment on your hair 1-2 weeks before your new look, and not washing your hair 2 days before the new look. All these simple tips will allow your hair to obtain the new color without any problems.


Use the Proper Shampoo

Now that you’ve changed your look, there’re also certain things you must also change like your shampoo. It’s recommended to use a sulfate-free color safe shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo and conditioners that contain sulfate will only damage your hair color and it will make it turn slightly yellow rather than white-blonde.


Purple Shampoo

Using a purple shampoo will allow your hair to have more tone as well as eliminating any yellowness from your gorgeous hair.


Protein Masks are a Must

Your hair can get slightly damaged while going through the transition of your hair color to platinum blonde. However, there’s no need to worry about such damage as a protein mask will help strengthen your hair cuticle.


Touch up your Roots

And last but not least, touch up your hair roots. After about 4-6 weeks your hair will start growing out and your natural hair color will start to show. This will also create an unevenness in color.

Hope you liked this post and I hope it was very helpful for you!

Tips and Tricks to Remove Body Hair without Irritation

Regardless of which method you use to remove hair, at times we are left with a bit of irritation. It can be quite annoying and at times painful for some people.

I remember when I used to wax; the irritation that I would get a few days after waxing made my skin look very unflattering. I was even embarrassed to show-off my legs because of the irritation. I then searched desperately online to see if there was a miracle that could possibly help me. Luckily, I’ve found a bunch of useful tips not only for those who wax, but also for those who shave and epilate too!  First off, the number one most important thing you should do is:


Cleanse the Area

Cleansing the skin in general is very important to remove any dirt and oil that is left in the pores. However, it’s even more important to do this when you remove hair from your body. When the skin is cleansed the hair will be removed a lot easier and will leave you with no irritation at all.

I learned this useful tip thanks to my grandmother who knows so many beauty tips and tricks and this beauty trick saved me from sudden trips to the beach!


Exfoliate the Area

At times, cleansing doesn’t always do the trick, that’s when exfoliating comes in. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and dirt/oil built-up in your pores and skin. the best exfoliant is sugar, mix sugar and coconut oil until a paste is formed. Once the mixture is ready, apply a warm damp towel on the skin to open your pores and apply the mixture. exfoliate for a few seconds in circular motion and wash off with water.

Remember to apply cream or aloe vera on the skin immediately after exfoliating. also, do not over-exfoliate as this can severely dry your skin, in order to prevent over-exfoliation simply apply this mixture once or twice a week.


Soften the Hair before Removing

Another great tip is to soften the hair so it’s easier to remove. A way to successfully do this is to use heat (like the steam from warm water or by applying a warm damp towel) and cream. You can also use shaving cream to soften the hair.


Avoid too much Friction

“When moving an implement across your skin, it’s important to reduce the friction. When shaving, this means using shaving cream or soap”. This is an awesome tip from I realized that thanks to reducing the friction while shaving that i had nearly zero irritation on my skin! I couldn’t believe it and I was so happy too.



The anxiety of the prom night will disappear with the perfect dress!

The looks that matter for the prom night

A very important moment in the life of any teenager, especially for the ladies, is the prom night. That night is special for several reasons and, the ladies have a plus that makes it a bit more complicated, the perfect dress for that occasion. Sometimes there are people that think that the perfect dress is necessarily the most expensive one or that only labels dresses are the ones that look better. There are great options out there to provide from help to those in the need of it.

Think about these considerations

An important occasion is coming, you don’t have the dress yet, there is little time to decide, well  ”enough” let’s get the help you need from the web! If we think about the options we first need to understand the elements. A lady in the search of the perfect dress should have thought before about the type of dress she wants to wear. Along with the considerations that we have made some others like: hour, personality. These all are the things to consider for the type of dress. Then problem is with the more serious dresses also come the style that suits you better or in accordance to the final dress selected. if you like those offer on the web or covers of magazines, they could just give you an idea where all these elements could collide.

The online search for your dress

After the type of dress has been selected, the ladies should only talk to the professional. Then, users should think about either a prom dress UK context or bridesmaid dress UK also. Either from a regular store or from a virtual online one, the many alternatives are the biggest issues that can be measure are the style and suitable characteristics of that dress. On one side, the online stores generally represent a better chance in price/quality, which is excellent for our budgets, in terms of affordability. Everything needs to be checked, you just need to relaxed and a memorable and special time next to your loved ones will result!

Now the offer and demand have an outstanding platform!

As we have seen, the humankind has been transformed and developed in recent decades as much as it was never imagined in years before. The world in all of its faces has become globalized in the markets and financial contexts. We all serve as the components that make that global world move, grow, change and evolve, and as so, we are the ones responsible for our bank accounts to move in positive numbers. It all may seem an overwhelming context the one we live in and in occasions we may not have all the tools to make it go as it should to receive the incomes and earnings we would like to have.


The economy working along with technology

The economy now has to its will many great platforms and online sites for all to decide and get through our own benefits, contributing this way with everybody around us, it has become a win-win situation. Technology, science and the advances of communication have made all of that a better and reliable field to step on, working safe areas of commerce. Users have available many sites and online pages that are all related to the support and help to those who do not completely understand the market but still have some money to invest.

See technology as your best financial friend

Our normal expectations summarize in our hard work and our savings to keep us in positive perspectives. The internet and its developers are also in the search of tools to make this happen successfully. The advances of science of technology in this matter have resulted in: the online trading. This relatively new way of commerce quickly became a privileged tool with the best of the results; it is immediate and of global reach. Outstanding supporters like Plus500 review are among the best sites and apps to put our money in as we want to invest it and see profits come back to us. The business of offer and demand of goods and service in the way of trading is what is shaping the business of the future.

Wild Sex Tips and Tricks to Spice Things Up

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to do some little changes to spice things up while getting down and dirty. With just some simple and easy tricks you can make each other orgasm in a way you’ve never experienced before.


Sex Tip Number #1

While in foreplay, you can gently grab his penis and press against your labia. Now, start rubbing yourself up and down to set the mood or to intensify the goodness. I definitely recommend this tip! It’s really useful and it really spices things up.


Sex Tip Number #2

Get own and dirty during a camping trip. You can also do this in your backyard in case you don’t actually want to leave the comfort of your own home. This trick will definitely spice things up as this intensifies the intimate moment as well as the excitement of experiencing something new!


Sex Tip Number #3

While he sits, have him sit in Indian position (as in have him cross his legs). Once he is well-positioned, get on top of him and wrap your legs behind his back. Now, begin thrusting to get an explosion of pleasure.


Sex Tip Number #4

Blindfold your partner. This will awake his/her curiosity and make any sensation become a lot more intense than ever. My boyfriend tried this on me and it was the best sex ever. Not knowing what he was going to do next had me go completely crazy!


Sex Tip Number #5

While you both are driving either on your way home or wherever you need to head off to, simply have your partner pullover for a hot steamy session at the back of the car seat. Another way to make your man go crazy (in case he is the one driving) is to surprise him with a blowjob as he is driving or have him pullover for him to enjoy the nice and warm blowjob!


Sex Tip Number #6

Playing with a bit of ice is perfect for making each other experience sensations that you never though you could imagine. While having the ice cube in your mouth, have just a piece of the ice peeking out of your mouth and slowly and gently pass it around his neck and back. You can also pass it near the penis to tease him.


Sex Tip Number #7

While in missionary position, grab a vibrator to stimulate your clitoris. This will not only make you orgasm in the best way ever but having him feel the vibration will also make him feel amazing too!

5 Crazy Skin Facts You Should Know

No matter what your skin color is, the skin is truly an impressive organ. You see your skin every day, take care of it every day and yet you probably know nothing about your skin. You might know a thing or two about your skin but there are actually quite shocking facts about the skin that you didn’t know. They are even things that were probably not taught to you in high school! So, I decided to teach you a couple of things about your skin.


Your Skin is the Largest Organ

It’s most likely that you didn’t expect for your skin to be the largest organ. But yes, your skin is actually the largest organ of all!


Scar Tissue Lacks of Sweat Glands and Hair

You probably already knew about having no hair on scar tissue but did you know that you don’t have any sweat glands? I honestly didn’t know about this until recently that a doctor told me about it while we were talking about scar tissue.


More Than 50% of your House’s Dust is Dead Skin

I never expected for most of the dust in my house to be dead skin. At first I felt a bit grossed-out but at the end of the day everyone shreds dead skin. It’s simply something normal.


You Lose About 30000 Dead Cells

Now you can see why your houses dust is mostly dead skin. You lose over 30000 every 30 minutes. That’s quite a lot in such little amount of time!


Albinism is Due to a Lack of Melanocytes

Melanocytes are the ones responsible at distributing melanin. Melanin is the protein responsible of giving the skin the color it has. People who suffer from albinism have a lack of melanocytes, meaning that the melanin couldn’t be distributed properly.