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The spot where all ladies coincide

Whatever the moment in life you are everyone wants to look the best way possible, and specially women, when they are in an important event, the looks they have and the way everything is gets to be the most important then. And it is actually that the market that most women see the most and keep more active in offer and demand, the makeup industry. For birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, or weddings, women find it particularly necessary to wear the perfect makeup and the options for that are countless. Some of them do not even pay attention to the products they use for their skin.


A market full of options

It is different for every lady the fashion and style to be worn. For some it is easier than for others and there is no need to worry about that. Determining the style and / or ensemble women will wear for an event, it may be as easy as to look around for sites and companies. There are many elements you can learn from the professionals in the area to have clear the style, combination of colors, and type of makeup they could wear. No matter how soft and conservative or eccentric women are, wet and wild eyeshadow perhaps it is all you need to be all set.


Think about your style, think about your makeup

In the case of you trying to define a style, or maybe on contrary, you having a style well defined but needing to update it, or refresh it, then the options available might be very good and attractive for you. Hair, nails, eyes, lips, anything you want to do in terms of style and trends is very possible, just look around and feel free to try and get into any new trend you wish to. Colors that best match textures and styles are easy to figure out after all the professionals in the area that exist in the market. After being defined on that just enjoy the comments that people around you give you because of your great looks.



How To Get Better Skin & Hair Overnight

You could be doing so many things in those eight hours of sleep I hope you’re getting every night, so why not multitask? Make your products work overtime so you can wake up with better skin and hair just from sleeping. By incorporating a few expert-approved tips into your evening beauty routine, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed.


A Microfine Thermal Spring Water Mist Helps Pores Lock In Moisture

I recommend delivering water right back to the skin after cleansing it by spraying it with a microfine mist. This particular spring water spray formula is clinically proven to soften and soothe irritated skin. A mist of this all over, right after washing your face and before applying your moisturizer, will help boost hydration for happier looking skin.


Prepare Your Hair Before Bed, Then Just Add Volume

Waking up with flat hair is a pain, so prep your hair before you go to bed. I sleep with two loose buns, then apply Osis Dust It for added volume when I need it. This light control mattefying powder makes your hair look refreshed and voluminous, so you can spend less time showering and more time sleeping.


Avocado and Almond Help Heal Your Nails While You Sleep

Nail artist and expert Holly Falcone told Good Housekeeping that she likes to use a mix of almond and avocado oils to keep her cuticles and nails hydrated while she gets some rest. The OPI Avoplex cream has both of her favorite ingredients, so your nails feel less brittle in the morning and hands are more moisturized. It’s important to remember to care for your fingers at night, as the skin on the back of your hands is especially thin and susceptible to sun damage.


A Gentle Pumpkin Peel Gives You Radiant-Looking Skin By Morning

It’s good to do a light peel before bed, followed by a moisturizer and good night’s sleep. This one’s a great fit for your evening routine because it’s formulated with 12% glycolic acid, which gently sloughs away the dead skin cells that dull skin’s natural brightness in the morning. With vitamins E and C, in addition to moisturizing neem oil and rejuvenating rosemary, your face will look and feel refreshed come morning.

The Best Makeup Tips The 80’s Have Given Us


Wild, natural brows are a trend in direct contrast to the Instagram brow. It adds a sort of boyish element to your overall makeup look and it’s easy to achieve. Take a small brow pencil like L’Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Definer and fill in your brow. Using a pencil helps mimic natural brow hairs. Then finish with a clear brow gel to brush up your brows and give that edgy vibe.



Ladies in the 80’s loved to rock a full face. That means eyes, lips, and blush. Full-faced makeup is definitely a look that has come back but is a bit modernized. That’s where draping comes in. Thanks to Marc Jacobs, this technique is everything again. It sculpts your face to enhance your natural features, but instead of learning to contour like a Kardashian, all you need is blush.

Embrace similar color families where applicable or even utilize your lip product as your blush. I love to use the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Gloss on lips, then take a bit and tap onto the cheeks for a light flush.



Pink lips are another big trend happening right now. I love to take trends from different eras and modernize them. For this, the modern hack is utilizing matte formulas. There’s a great drugstore option: Collection Exclusive La Vie En Rose which features six pink shades that work for every skin tone, from deep to fair. When wearing pink lips, it is important to make sure your cheeks and lips are in the same family. They don’t necessarily need to be twins but should be related. The matte finish will make the look more anchored in the moment.



I love that you can embrace glitter in so many different ways. You can rock a full-on glitter lip or use your shadow to bring in different textures and shimmers. Choose a palette that features a couple different shades. Don’t be afraid to add a little glint to your look! Just be careful with loose glitter, especially if you are a contact lens wearer!