How to Effortlessly Make Your Toddler Sleep

Make Sure Bedtime is Happening at the Right Time says: “That’s right – your toddler may be fighting bedtime simply because it’s happening at the wrong time. This may be the most-overlooked reason for toddler bedtime drama, in my experience. Specifically, I find that my clients tend to try to put their toddlers to bed too early.

Remember, older toddlers (2+) need about 6 hours (or more) of afternoon awake time, between when they wake from their nap and bedtime. So if your toddler is up from her nap at 3:30, then pushing a 7 p.m. bedtime just isn’t going to work for all toddlers”.


Take a Good Look at Your Toddler’s Schedule

In order to know if your toddler may be too tired at bedtime or not tired enough take a look at your toddler’s daily schedule. You must check the time in which your toddler has its nap. Also, check how low the nap lasts. Usually naps should be no longer than an hour.


Create a Visual Chart that Outlines the Steps of the Bedtime Routine

Toddlers actually enjoy routines. Use this to you advantage and make a visual representation of the bedtime routine. You can even have your toddler help you at making the chart. Your toddler will definitely enjoy helping you.


Offer Choices Whenever Possible

I found this to be very helpful when I was babysitting my friends’ kids. However, don’t give them too many choices. I recommend offering just 2 choices. This can help your toddler feel in control of what’s happening at bedtime.

Hopefully this article has helped you a lot at getting your toddler to go to bed. It may take some time on certain toddlers but remember to always have patience. These tips have worked a lot on all the kids I ever worked with!

Most Shocking Facts About Acne You Didn’t Know

We’ve all dealt with acne. Even I have had some nasty experiences during my teen years with acne. Unfortunately not everyone knows a lot about acne. Most of us are only told to wash our faces twice a day and we will be fine. However, it isn’t always that simple. There are other reasons why we may be getting acne. Some people sometimes believe that they have acne for the craziest and unrealistic reasons ever. So let me give you some actual facts about acne so you are well informed about it.


Topical Treatments Don’t Always Work

If you’ve ever experienced hormonal acne then you’ve probably noticed how even the strongest face wash and topical creams don’t always work. This happened to a friend and one day she finally had enough of the crazy acne she kept experiencing so she searched for professional help. Afterwards her skin became much clearer and now she’s acne-free.

If you ever experience hormonal acne its best to seek professional help. It may be frustrating at times but you must first understand the problem in order to solve the problem.


Painful, Cystic Bumps Are Normal

Relax, don’t be alarmed, and don’t take drastic measures. When you experience hormonal acne, it’s normal to have a couple of very painful and almost cystic bumps on your skin. However, don’t EVER pick on these pimples as it will leave you with a lot of pain and you’ll be left with scars.


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Is a Common Cause

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Is a Common Cause is a hormonal imbalance that usually causes small cysts to start growing on your ovaries. If you ever experienced symptoms such as: acne along with facial and body hair growth, irregular periods and trouble controlling weight, then it’s best to consult your doctor as it may be polycystic ovary syndrome.


Oral Contraceptives Can Help Regulate Your Hormones

That’s right, oral contraceptives help significantly at reducing acne on your skin. However, before using oral contraceptive you should first consult your doctor so they can prescribe the ones you need.


Your Diet Could Be the Issue

This is probably the most cause for those who experience acne. Your diet creates a HUGE impact on your body both inside and out. By not consuming enough water and by eating unhealthy foods, you’ll experience a lot of breakouts on your skin. By eating healthier and exercising, your body and skin ill thank you!


Male Hormones Are the Problem

There is a male hormone called androgen, which are present in both men and women. This hormone can increase oil production on your skin which increases acne too. If you have hormonal acne, the androgen hormone can be either elevated or low.


Adult Hormonal Acne Is More Common Than You Think

Did you know that it’s been proven that over 50% of people in their twenties and 25% of people in their thirties suffer from acne? I was so shocked when I first read about this. I always thought that acne was a problem experienced mostly amongst teenagers and pre-teens!


Spironolactone Can Help Too

Neha Madiya says on her blog the following: “Spironolactone, or Aldactone, is a medication most commonly used for high-blood pressure but, when used in conjunction with oral contraceptives, is known for producing excellent acne-clearing results. This medicine is an anti-androgen, which means it blocks the androgens, or the male hormones, in our bodies. This, in turn, allows for less hormone fluctuations and less acne!”

Kids and Soccer

Through history, soccer has been one of the greatest and most recognized ball games, reaching millions of people. And children are not an exception they feel very attracted to this sport which is good for their physical and mental development, however there is a tendency to disengage sports because of technological advances nowadays. Leading us to the question “How can we encourage our children to practice this sport?” well, we could use this:

  • The values ​​of soccer: Like most sports, soccer, helps children to develop teamwork, respect among peers and rivals, effort and dedication. So you can motivate the kids with the idea of making new friends and learning new things.
  • Physical health: children who play sports tend to be healthier and stronger this way you could tell your son or daughter that soccer will help them in their present and will definitely be there in their life as future adults because the habit of making exercise will already exist, plus they might get a professional career out of this or it could help them get in college.
  • To play with them: when you play with your children, especially at a young age, you start to create a stronger bond with them so your kid will not only be at the team because it is a great sport, he or she will get on the team to be with you, to share their moments of joy with you, to get dirty of mud with you. Surely they’ll also want to watch the matches next to you and know your opinion about the way they played that day and they’ll be happy knowing that you´ll always support them.
  • Awards: kids love to win prizes and they love it even more when they have fun through the process, use this strategy and delight your child saying that “if you play with passion and energy you can get a prize just for having fun”.
  • Soccer video games: Ok, let’s be completely honest about this, it is a true fact that in this century almost every kid play video games, so why don’t we use that as a way to motivate them? We could just show them some soccer games online and convince them that they can also do that in real life. That way they can play both indoors and outdoors soccer and not hurting anyone or anything in the process.

Your memories on a picture…!

Your memories on a picture…!

The beauty of a picture actually results from how meaningful it is what can be seen from it more than how professional it was taken or how flawless it looks. The moment a photograph depicts is as special as it goes the saying: “beauty is in the eye of the beholder…” For a parent, the first picture of his/her new baby born is very valuable and priceless, as it is for a fan a candid picture taken next to his/her pop idol. The important point in any occasion is that all of those events can be repeated and both, or any similar, are worth to keep on a picture.



The picture meets a situation.

For example, let’s take the event of your prom night. That very special moment has arrived. The clothes fit perfectly, the couple is the one of your dreams, there’s a limo waiting outside your house to take you there. Once you arrive to the party the music sound is inviting you to enter. The played song is perfect for your entrance. It feels good as you are sharing with your close friends. Wouldn’t it be special to have the chance to keep this very special occasion in a picture?



…”to the booth please”!

Many people think that taking a picture maybe as easy as pointing a camera smiling an pressing a button, but what they don’t know is the many things that can make the difference between a simple picture, a fun picture, a serious picture, a contest picture, a scientific picture, a picture with a theme, a picture with a specific purpose, etc. it all depends on the use a person will give to the picture.



There is a very common European costume that has been gaining popularity for this special occasion’s preservation, more specifically for the Londoners. It’s the case of the Photobooth hire in London. This is a type of mobile booth capable of capturing very memorable moments like those in your life that you’d like to keep forever. As on a candid setting, photo booths are mainly hired in weddings, proms, birthdays and others to take fun pictures with the special family and friends on a very fresh environment.

The 7 Best Gift Basket Ideas For Christmas

I’m a very creative person, especially when it comes to giving goodies to my closest girlfriends during holidays. This year I decided to get really crafty when it comes to the gift baskets and I decided to search online for all sorts of ideas. Honestly, I was truly amazed at the awesomeness! I had so many ideas and I decided to share all of them with you so you can surprise your loved ones.


Bar Essentials Kit

How awesome is this idea!? This was one of the first gift baskets I tried out and honestly my first attempt wasn’t all that gorgeous. However, I tried it once again and WOW! It came out amazing! The gift is a lantern filled with any goodies you’d like to give to anyone. I filled mine with candy and gave it to my niece for her birthday. Since Christmas is just around the corner I decided to use this idea once again but with a much more Christmas feeling to it!


Spa In A Jar

I have a friend who LOVES being pampered and this Christmas was my year to pamper her with this awesome gift basket idea! I filled it with all sorts of peppermint care products and they were so good that I was so close into keeping all to myself! But since I love my friend I decided to give it all to her. I highly recommend this gift basket idea even if it isn’t Christmas.


DIY Bloody Mary Kit

Cindy from her website says: “This is a great idea for all your cocktail loving friends. You could also vary the ingredients to re-create their favorite drinks”. I have to definitely agree with her on this one. My friends LOVE drinking a couple of cocktails every now and then and when I gave them the gift basket they went completely crazy!


Homemade Sundae Kit

This gift basket is incredibly adored by children and even by adults too! I remember seeing this on Pinterest and I knew that I had to give it a try after I saw it. The best thing about this gift basket is that it’s quite inexpensive and truly amazing!


Kitchen supplies in a glove

This idea can actually be a life-saver to many as this gift is perfect for those who moved into their new home! I gave this to my aunt during Christmas which was also a time where she was moving into her new apartment and she nearly cried as she barely had any money to purchase anything and she was so grateful that words couldn’t even express her joy.


Pasta kit

For all you pasta lovers this gift is perfect for you. Essential ingredients to toss in your freshly cooked pasta are the only items you’ll need for this gift basket. You can even decorate in a very elegant or cute way each ingredient that you put in your basket. What I did was grab a bit of pasta and tied it together with a very cute floral bow! It definitely made the gift basket standout more!

How To Effectively Save Money While Grocery Shopping

Going grocery shopping can be quite a pain, especially for your wallet. It’s also much more challenging when you have a family to feed as it can get quite pricey. This has happened to me quite a lot, however luckily I don’t have to feed an entire family but that doesn’t stop me from trying to save money. I’ve even tried using coupons to save money but it wasn’t successful. However, that didn’t stop me from searching for the perfect way to save money while grocery shopping, and the search has paid off.


1)Use filling ingredients like beans, lentils and rice to bulk up soups, stews, sauces, casseroles, burgers, tacos etc., and you’ll keep everyone feeling full longer

This will enable you to have food for a longer period of time without the need to constantly go out and purchase food for your family. I’ve seen my mother try this simple trick and now I finally understand why she did it. It’s quite practical, easy, and money-saving!


2) Buy ingredients online, from home, to prevent impulse purchases made in-store

I’m quite guilty of being an impulsive buyer. I always go to the store to buy one single item and I end up returning home with 5 items I don’t even need. There are times where I don’t even buy what I truly went to the store for! It’s truly frustrating till I started to shop for my ingredients online.


3) Make homemade pizza instead of ordering out

I saved myself a fortune thanks to this piece of advice I got from my best friend. I used to buy pizza every weekend as I’m a true pizza-lover and my Sunday nights were always accompanied by a pizza. I realized (sadly this was after already spending so much money on buying pizza at my favorite restaurant) that by making the pizza yourself was the best way to save money while still treating yourself!

Making pizza yourself is also a lot healthier than purchasing it. Most places make them super oily and filled with so much sauce. By making it yourself you’re able to control the amounts used for each ingredient.


4) Buy Ground Beef On Sale And Freeze Afterwards

This way, your ground beef will last a lot longer when frozen. Also, you can use the ground beef to prepare amazing dishes such as tacos, shepherd’s pie, you can also make sauce with it and it tastes amazing too!


5) Don’t load up on sugar and carbs

What better way to save money than by reducing any foods that contain sugar or carbs? This one was actually difficult for me to achieve as I LOVE chocolate and anything sweet. However, in one month, most of my money went into sweets. It’s at the moment I realized I had more sweets than actual food that I decided to cut down.


6) Serve muffins or oatmeal or granola for breakfast rather than expensive, sugary cereals

Instead of eating those expensive and unhealthy cereals try buying something not only healthy but also inexpensive. You won’t believe the ridiculously high amount of sugar cereals contain. It’s best to either throw them away or simply avoid them at all cost.

How Cyber-bullying Can Affect Your Child

Even I’ve experienced the horrors of being bullied when I was younger. Being bullied during highschool made me feel so sad and lonely. Even with all the friends I had I still felt like I had no one to talk to.


Thanks to technology bullies can now be evil to anyone. Being bullied and cyber-bullying are two different things and both affect in different ways. I’ve noticed that cyber-bullying creates a negative emotional impact than regular bullying. As a parent, as long as your kids are exposed to phones, computers, or other device, they are at risk of being cyber-bullied.


Being exposed to cyber-bullying for long periods can create on both victim and bully a higher chance of anxiety, depression, amongst stress-related disorders. People who are bullied tend to struggle personally and at school. Missing, skipping or dropping out of school are some of the things that people who have been bullied tend to do. Also, receiving poor grades, having poor self-esteem, and using alcohol and drugs are also common.

In a lot of cases bullying can lead to suicide. It’s been proven that adults who were bullied as kids were three times more likely to have suicidal thoughts.

“Children who are bullied may consider taking violent measures. In 12 of 15 school shooting cases in the 1990s, the shooters had a past of being bullied.” Says Barbara Coloroso in her book called “The bully, the bullied, and the bystander”.


It’s most likely you won’t even know that your child is being bullied. It’s been proven that about more than 70% of bullied kids don’t tell adults about it. Even I didn’t tell anyone when I got bullied and I wish I did. Its best for your children to tell an adult rather than keeping it bottled up.


How To Prevent Or Stop Cyber-Bullying

There are various ways to prevent cyber-bullying and ways to stop it. If you want to prevent it you should reduce your kid’s electronic usage. This means that any computer, phone, tablet etc. Must be limited. Also it’s important to always report any type of bullying. Teach your children to always communicate any problems they may have with an adult.

Have absolutely no tolerance towards cyber-bullying. Have your child understand that it’s wrong to be bullied just like how it’s wrong to bully someone. It’s common at times for bullied kids to bully others to make themselves feel better. They all need to understand that bullying is harassment.

If you or your child is being bullied report to police immediately. Whether it’s an adult or a local juvenile, report it. It’s most likely that the system’s administrator site in which the bullying occurred will be able to help you. The system’s administrator will be able to identify the people involved so that you can report them to the police.

A very effective way to know if your kid is being bullied is by installing moniteribg softwares. This is something that many disagree on however, it will protect your child.

5 Crafty And Fun Ways To Decorate Your Home

This article is definitely something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I love searching online for the best and crafty ways to pimp my crib. And the best part is that they are incredibly easy. Lately I’ve been spending so much money on items that I could have done them all by myself. But once I realized that by doing some research I could do it all in just a few minutes without leaving my home I was totally stoked. Wait, did I mention it’s really cheap?


I’ll give you a list of the best crafty decorative goods to pimp out your house. Hold on to your horses because you’ll be blown away with the storm of ideas I’ve got for you.

First off, my number one and personal favorite. Actually, now that I realize, it was my first DIY and wow I loved it so much and it definitely brighten up the mood and ambient in my house.


The Rosy Stationery

Not only is it delicious to eat but it’s also an excellent floral stamp. I casually stumbled upon this crafty idea while I was on Pinterest, I wasn’t sure if it would work as most pins do but I thought I had nothing to lose. By the time I was done I was in complete shock with how gorgeous the outcome was. I was so happy I immediately called my friends so they can also try this idea.

I placed the floral stamps all over my room and I’m not even joking; it literally took me 5 minutes to do all of this. The only thing that takes time is for the paint to dry but trust me, it’s all well worth it. To make this stamp you’ll need the head of a Treviso Radicchio. Don’t worry, the fancy name also threw me off but trust me it’s amazing. I’ll try to experiment with other plants and will soon let you know about the outcome.

Now, don’t think, don’t speak, just get your butt off that comfy couch and run to your nearest grocery store and buy that plant now!


Easy Marker Caddy

Now I got to be honest with you. I’m the type of girl who loves coloring and drawing. The only bad thing is that I’m and incredible mess every time I’m drawing. I know, it’s shameful and I’m a really clean person but there’s something about getting crafty where I must make a huge mess and regret it once I’m done.

If you have kids you may also understand how much your child loves it too. Your kids will most likely make a huge mess but don’t worry I have a solution. Honestly this solution has also helped me so much and the colorfulness of this idea inspires even more creativity in me.

Who knew using toilet paper rolls and a shoe box could save you from the pain of cleaning up a huge mess? Once you have your shoe box, place the toilet paper rolls inside the box. In each toilet paper roll you can place all your pens, colors, or crayons. Once you’re done don’t think that you’re just going to show-off and ugly shoe box to anyone who walks into your house. What you must do now is cover the shoe box with your prettiest and most colorful paper you can find and that’s it!


Mosaic Ornaments from CDs

When Christmas is near you know that you’ll need a lot of decorating to do. Don’t worry you’ll even spend any money. Also, charismas may be a very stressful holiday for a lot of people. It’s even worse when you have to do all the decorating, cooking hosting, etc. which gives you no time to buy new Christmas decorations. But I know a way to put some bling into your ornaments.

All you’ll need are CDs in which you’ll be cutting into pieces. They don’t have to be incredibly tiny or huge. The size is mostly a matter of preference. Once you’re done cutting them all you need to do is glue them to your Christmas ornaments. No one will notice they are last year’s Christmas ornaments and don’t worry ill even keep it a secret.


Light Bulb Vase

Another amazing idea I got from Pinterest. This will inspire a Zen-like ambient in your home. It will also promote peacefulness and happiness. And after seeing this pin I’ve regretted so much throwing away the lightbulbs that I had lying around. Don’t make the same mistake I did and get as many lightbulbs you can or this beautiful idea. Upcycle any used lightbulbs into cute little flower vases. I recommend using pliers to disassemble the hardware. You can also hang them using twine.


Yarn Eggs

Perfect for Easter season and a kid’s favorite decoration. states: “Yarn, balloons, and glue are all the items you need for this wonderful idea”. All you need to do is slightly blow you balloon. Once you’re done, place the thread in liquid glue then once it’s been soaked take them out. Criss-cross the thread all over your balloon and wait till its dry. Once it fully dried out pop the balloon and your amazing decoration is ready to be shown-off to everyone.