These are the best countries to retire in

If you want things in life to go as well as they can, you should plan. I know, some things are better when they are unplanned but others require you to do some adult planning if you want to make the most out of them.

Now, part of aging is considering where and when to retire. By now, you should have figured out what to do with the money you accumulate over the passing years, so, did you already decide where you want to spend your golden years?

Some like spending them living near the woods, others, near the beach and others just like spending their retired years taking care and playing with their grandchildren. All of these goals are good but, in this post I want to hint the best countries to retire in if you want to live somewhere else during your golden years.


If you happen to love the beach, dancing and making lots of new friends on a daily basis, then this country is definitely the top choice for you!

People in Brazil are so welcoming and warm hearted you will feel like you have family away from home as you will not get that cold shoulder you might feel you are getting in other countries.


South America has so many countries to choose from when it comes to retiring actually but, I consider this country to be at the top of the list of the South American countries you can retire in. Also, if you happen to have saved all your incomes in dollars, you will notice that Colombia is a cheap country to live in as you will only need a couple of thousands to live in a very comfortable way.

So basically, you only need to have a minimum wage salary on a monthly basis to live like a king in this awesome and very warm country.


I will not lie about this country. Not all Spaniards are very nice but, there is so much to like about this country when it comes to the food and its beautiful sceneries!

Looking into taking a well-deserved break? Here are the best vacation countries!

Part of being an adult is realizing when there is too much going on work wise. We are not robots and we get tired. That means that even though we want to make as much money as we could, we will eventually get tired and need a break from life and making money to rest this temple of ours called the body.

But, taking a good relaxing break also comes with planning if you want to make the most of these vacations. You need to ask yourself questions such as: what hotel you want to go to or what country do you want to visit?

So, here you go! Here are the best vacations countries according to my views.

The top of the list begins with Brazil!

How could you not even consider Brazil when this country is well known for its exotic places, beautiful people and non-stop partying?

You can go there to get your party on but, you also have the option of going there to relax

Taking the last comment into consideration, you have many options in Brazil. You can go there to get your party on but, you also have the option of going there to relax. You just have to make the choice based on what are your vacation needs.

Italy and its romantic scenarios

I find Italy to be such a great country when it comes to traveling. You know how some people travel based solely on the food some countries have? Well, this is definitely one of those times that happen. Everyone knows Italy is known for having the best dishes but not only that, there are so many places to go to when it comes to walking around as tourists.

I can surely say without a doubt that Italy will not disappoint.

Take a beach vacation to Bermuda

Some people like to go for beach resorts and places like that to take their much needed breaks. Going to the Bermuda will definitely not disappoint you. There are so many beautiful beaches to go to, so many activities to do, so many romantic breaks to take. The options are just endless.

These are the features you should be looking for when getting a dive watch

Getting a luxury watch does not mean that you are going to spend money on any luxury watch just because they are made by an important brand or manufacturer. You need to be aware of the fact that you should be looking for some special and key features before you even think about getting a luxury watch.  Now, in this article, I want to specifically focus on the features you should be looking for if you are ever considering getting a dive watch. These watches are different from your regular luxury watches so, these are the characteristics you should look for when getting dive watches.

Now what should a dive watch should be equipped with?


There are some basic things luxury swiss dive watches should have to make then fit into the category of dive watches. A must have for these type of watches is there should have some sort of device that lets you pre select time periods which should be up to 60 minutes in most dive watches. Now, the watch’s bezel should have a 60 minute scale showing on the watch and this scale should have a mark every five minutes. I bet you just told yourself, dang, I think I remember owning a dive watch at one point in my life and I did not even realize I had one. I know I did!

Another key and obvious feature for this kind of watches is that they should be water proof since you are also going to be very involved with the water as you dive. Now, how can I know if my watch truly is water resistant? They should be able to be under 12 inches of water with no problem for at least 50 hours. Crazy right? Also, they should be able to resist temperatures that range from 64 degrees up to 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now, also another key factor that should be considered is that these watches should be able to somewhat resist falling on hard ground. This is called the shock resistance standard.

Top Useful Life Hacks Every Cat Owner Should Know

Everybody loves a good life hack, right? … Well I know how busy cat servants out there can get and I’m pretty sure you’re all looking for fun new ways to help enrich the lives of your cats too, so here’s 5 purrfect hacks.


Marinate old cat toys in catnip

Trust me there’s no shortage of cat toys in this household, but after a while cats just lose interest in some toys, so to add some extra appeal to those old toys that just sit in the corner gathering dust – Marinate them in catnip!


Make a cat cave!

I’ve seen many DIY cat tents online and I was going to include that in our video, but then I came across this even more purrfect idea… A cat cave is super easy to make and you don’t need any wire or tape like you do when making a cat tent. All you need is a good sized, sturdy box and an old T-shirt, simply slide the T-shirt over the box so the opening is on the top, then gather all the excess material at the bottom and tie it in a knot so it’s nice and snug and then tuck in the sleeves.


Cat food puzzle

There’s many different options to make a simple cat food puzzle for your cat, wild cats roam hundreds of miles in search of prey, so it’s important to try and keep your cats stimulated at treat time, just like us humans a mental workout is always beneficial to our overall health.


Whack a mouse!

Create your very own kitty game, again you need a box (most cat servants have these everywhere) wooden dowel, mouse toy and a glue gun… Cut around a dozen or so holes in the top of the box and then a larger one in the back, glue the mouse toy to the end of the wooden dowel and hey presto you’re ready to play!

Give some shape to that metal piece, use a plasma cutter!

Technology applied to a natural resource

On earth, the amount of resources is simply unmeasurable, we, human beings would definitely not able to calculate or quantify, and all the material is available for us to use and all the passible actions that can be actually done with them. In machinery, for example, man has been able to transform virtually everything there is in the surface of earth into amazing creations, full of ingenious actions and all adapted to a need that later became a useful to make our lives easier and better. It is just enough to look around to understand all the areas where technology is involved and how positive that has been for ours societies.


In the field of heavy machinery…

Let’s take for example such a complicated area like the heavy machine and plant one. If one person needs to see all the advances that have been done in this area they definitely should understand the basics first. The material used in the world of heavy machinery is mainly metal, which is very abundant naturally and withstands harm and weather. To be able to transform or chap metals, man has also been able to create another instrument that those it effortlessly and in no time. Plasma cutting then was created. In general, with plasma being the fourth matter after solid, liquid and gas, it is composed of subjecting gaseous substance on an electromagnetically charged surface that would turn its focus as a powerful electric beam capable of cutting ferrous or electrically significant objects. All of that is possible with best plasma cutter.


Plasma is helping benefit the living

Plasma, as in any other of is uses, has extraordinary characteristics and also uses. If naturally strong and solid materials like metal, can be shaped and cut with a device lake this, then there is no need any more of hard and tedious strategies that may end up in unnecessary injuries or some tasks or work badly done.


Amazing Health Benefits of Activated Charcoal You Should Know

Very few people are aware of how beneficial activated charcoal can be. If you are one of those people and would like to know its benefits then you came to the right place! Activated charcoal is very useful and safe to use too. Some of its many health benefits are:


Reduces skin irritations

Activated charcoal can be used to treat bites from mosquitoes, snakes and dangerous spiders, like Brown Recluse or Black Widow! Of course if you have a severe allergic reaction to bees, do not use charcoal. Follow the recommendations of your health care provider and seek immediate medical attention!


Fights aging

Activated charcoal also fights against premature aging by detoxing the body of chemicals that cause cellular damage and oxidation which contributes to the aging process. Flushing out these toxins benefits all of the kidney and liver. It also helps keep your adrenal glands healthy, which naturally improves energy levels.


Cleanses tap water

If you don’t already, you should really consider using an activated charcoal filtration system for your water! Activated charcoal traps all sorts of nasty stuff that is put into our tap water, including pesticides, industrial waste, solvents and even some fluoride! There are many different types of systems out there, you can get a whole house filtration system, or one that sits on your counter top.


Detoxes your skin

This one is my favorite use!!! There are a couple of ways to use charcoal for your skin and I use it every single day! You may not think about using black, sooty stuff on your face usually, but in this case, you should!


Reduces high cholesterol

In medical studies, activated charcoal has been proven effective in reducing bad cholesterol (LDL) and increasing good cholesterol (HDL) as much as many prescription medications. In one study, within four weeks, participants saw a total decrease of 25 % of their total cholesterol, while their LDL decreased by a whooping 41% and HDL increased by 8%. (Source: