Do you want to be more successful? Write better. Here we tell you how

If you are trying to decide between several candidates to fill a vacancy, hire the one who writes the best. Your writing skills will give you results because a good writer is much more than just ideas written clearly.

Good writing is a sign of clear thinking. Great writers know how to communicate.

They make things easy to understand. They can put themselves in each other’s shoes. They know what they should omit. And those are qualities that you want in a candidate.

Writing is returning strongly to our society … Writing is the current currency for good ideas. And more specifically, it means that you need to take your professional destiny in your hands and put those hands on your keyboard. Write weekly updates detailing your progress, your goals and areas for improvement.

When you have ideas, write them and edit them, and then send them to your boss or the person who can put them into action, or at least value your effort and your initiative. If you identify a problem, write it down with a tangible solution and send it. And if you’re in a work environment where mail is not the norm, write everything on a piece of paper and put it on the right desk.

Documenting everything and making sure it is in the right hands will help and protect you in many more ways than you imagine. Some more tactical tips: Correct your writing, read it two or three times but not only to detect spelling or grammar errors, but to detect unclear thoughts or ideas.

Do not write in long paragraphs that have endless sentences. If you are writing an email, include a short and informative subject. Make your writing stand out. The last thing anyone wants is to read something boring, regardless of what it is. When you write an update, formulate it as a narrative, that is, have a beginning, a node and a conclusion.

And understand that your updates are part of a narrative that extends over months and even years. You and your co-workers are characters within that narrative and what happens in the office is the plot of the story. If you need or want something, say it clearly.

Our writing, like our voices, requires a certain tone to establish our intentions.

Security is key when asking for something, but the doubt is also admissible if you are requesting advice. But above all, simply write. And write well. You will be surprised how far it takes you.