How to keep bad news from stressing you

Stress only exists to help us escape from a bad situation that can harm us physically. It doesn’t exist for us to react badly to a newspaper every morning!

This dangerous polarity can make many people to feel dismayed, discouraged, angry or lost.

Stress has been considered to be the number one epidemic in the world.

I’ve taken the time to enlist a few techniques that may help you train the brain to recover from stress more quickly.

Here are a few examples:

1) See stress as an opportunity

One of the best ways to turn stress around is to look at it as a good thing.

Simple mental adjustments prevents secondary stress from reflecting on a tension that could last for hours or days.

You have to think positively so that you can see things through!

2) Check your stress level out

One more strategy to feel better and control your stress levels from your pretty little brain is to assign a number.

Just like that.

Instead of asking yourself how do you feel or what did you do, ask yourself: at what stress level am I?

You can use the EBT system which says that level 5 is the highest stress level.

Checking your brain state every once in a while can help you understand yourself better.

3) The power of understanding

This technique can help you verify your mental state from everyone else.

Most couple issues are based on the high stress level both parties have.

When we’re stressed, the thing we tend to do the most is to keep a distance and start judging people out. This can be a real bummer.

When you get into a high level of stress, try to be as much understanding with your couple as possible. Try to keep a good humor so that stress can be avoided and make it easier to have a healing reconnection with your couple.