How to make the most of your week starting Monday.

To get the most out of your days (without working excessively) follow these easy tips and learn to work smartly.

We’re not saying that you’re lazy person but everybody can get ditracted and waste some valiuable time that can be used in producing more incomes instead.

In hopes that you can take advantage of your time and get reflected on your growth, we’ve enlisted a few tips you can apply this week.

1. Admistrate your time.

The meetings are expensive, so do not spend valuable minutes that you should not be.

Should the meeting really last 60 minutes? What are the goals? If you do not have a structured agenda, participants will not have a clear role and you are likely to waste your time.

2. The results about the activities.

Throughout the day and each and everyday of the week you need to ask yourself: am I producing tangible results or am I just participating in activities that I think are important?

If you do not have goals in mind for the week, you will not know if you are on the right track and giving value to the business. When this happens, you will not know if you were successful during the week.

What you should do it set priorities and always try to follow them on time.

3. You are your own boss.

Only you can control your destiny in the week.

You have to focus on completing your tasks. If you allow people to take you the wrong way, you will lose focus.

4. Fly beyond the noise.

You can easily fall behind if you spend a lot of time talking in the hallways with colleagues or eating. And it’s normal. But should try to stop doing it too frequently.

Try to keep your head down. Stay away from Facebook and Twitter. Do not get involved in gossip chains. Etc.