Your memories on a picture…!

Your memories on a picture…!

The beauty of a picture actually results from how meaningful it is what can be seen from it more than how professional it was taken or how flawless it looks. The moment a photograph depicts is as special as it goes the saying: “beauty is in the eye of the beholder…” For a parent, the first picture of his/her new baby born is very valuable and priceless, as it is for a fan a candid picture taken next to his/her pop idol. The important point in any occasion is that all of those events can be repeated and both, or any similar, are worth to keep on a picture.



The picture meets a situation.

For example, let’s take the event of your prom night. That very special moment has arrived. The clothes fit perfectly, the couple is the one of your dreams, there’s a limo waiting outside your house to take you there. Once you arrive to the party the music sound is inviting you to enter. The played song is perfect for your entrance. It feels good as you are sharing with your close friends. Wouldn’t it be special to have the chance to keep this very special occasion in a picture?



…”to the booth please”!

Many people think that taking a picture maybe as easy as pointing a camera smiling an pressing a button, but what they don’t know is the many things that can make the difference between a simple picture, a fun picture, a serious picture, a contest picture, a scientific picture, a picture with a theme, a picture with a specific purpose, etc. it all depends on the use a person will give to the picture.



There is a very common European costume that has been gaining popularity for this special occasion’s preservation, more specifically for the Londoners. It’s the case of the Photobooth hire in London. This is a type of mobile booth capable of capturing very memorable moments like those in your life that you’d like to keep forever. As on a candid setting, photo booths are mainly hired in weddings, proms, birthdays and others to take fun pictures with the special family and friends on a very fresh environment.

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